groundhog day

letters to man, mother and God

Courtney Love - You know my name (new single 2014) (by TheSchwarzesSchaf)

Fintelligens - Stockholm-Helsinki (by FintelligensVEVO)




last night

during prime time 

in pre-washed skinny jeans

i woke up.

but only now,

by my window,

the sun,

bright and full of bounty

and riding on the back of 

my neighbor’s yellow-eyed cat,

pushes me awake.


Santiago y Miguel

Today I see man
As an open wound
Dancing at the discotheque
Wearing band-aids and rhinestones.

a song for a plea #1


Williamsburg Bridge. 


Williamsburg Bridge. 

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tonight and on most nights, this is home.  

To Man

My mornings are yours. Forever yours. As are my nights and middays.

I write for you. I wake for you. I sleep unwillingly. The sun, your sun, mounts the earth in search of what you once were and at times are still.

He searches for you as do I. If by chance you walk into a coffee shop for a multigrain muffin and an iced coffee, give yourself time to read my letters.

Know that I miss you and wait for your return.

-your son, your father, your brother, Anthony

the new frontier

One hundred and fifty years ago, the new frontier, limited only by lack of imagination, was the West. Man painted masterpieces over borrowed canvases using American industrialization, the science of black powder and the Christianization of the soul.

Today, as we sit in judgment of men and vice, of misguidance and ignorance and of the brutality of dreams achieved, we see before us the opening of a new frontier. It holds remnants of life as it once was and sparkles of what it is shaping out to be.

Where are we expanding to now? What might and ingenuity will get us there? What will science uncover and what form will our soul take?